Situation on the market

2013 was a good year for the mutual fund market, although the average increase in assets largely arose from the creation of special funds often dedicated to single investors and operating on the private market. At the end of 2013, the mutual funds managed assets of a value of PLN 189.0 bn, or 29.6% more than a year earlier. This was the highest level in history. This increase was, among other things, due to:

  • The positive balance of funds flow to the mutual fund. It amounted to PLN 21.5 bn, whereby it was mainly the inflow of funds to the private funds market related to the transfer of substantial funding to the dedicated funds within the groups.
  • Performance of the funds – in 2013, the average rate of return of mutual funds on the Polish market fluctuated from 1.5% in the case of funds investing resources in Polish Treasury bond to 31.1% for small- and medium-sized enterprise shares. However, it should be noted that, in this context, sometimes, clearly negative rates of return of funds dedicated to emerging markets and very poor investment performance of some bond funds stood out negatively.

In 2013, the structure of assets changed on the Polish mutual fund market because of the trends described earlier. The share of non-public asset funds with respect to the total value of assets increased (to 19.7%) at the expense of debt instrument funds (drop to a level of 23.1%).

Investment funds - share of associates as at 31/12/2013 (in %)