Conditions for implementation

Conditions for implementation Implementation of Strategy 2.0 for the years 2012-2014 / summary of actions and achievements in 2013
Middle-office: a modern and integrated customer service model 1. 91% of customers were satisfied with the claims handling process (a customer satisfaction survey conducted on a sample of approx. 20,000 people in 2013).
2. The process of implementing a network of modern, highly visible, sales-oriented PZU Branches, which are uniform throughout the PZU Group, was continued. 85 Branches operating as part of the new model have been opened since the beginning of the project.
3. Work continued on the further optimization of the claims handling and benefits area, including modernization of the principles of cooperation with loss adjusters (telecommuting), centralization of teams and automation of processes.
Back-office: efficient operations and flexible IT 1. Work was performed on the implementation of a product system for non-life insurance (Everest).
2. The implementation of a common ERP class system for PZU and PZU Życie was completed - further processes were being implemented in the area of insurance bookkeeping for PZU and PZU Życie from January 2013.
3. Critical systems and business applications at the PZU Group were included in the monitoring, which enabled the elimination of the risk of long-term failure and the simultaneous reduction in downtime of critical systems.
4. All PZU Group systems were transferred to a new integration environment. The current platform is modern and highly efficient, as a result of which it can handle large transaction volumes (1.5 m a day).
HR: business partner / committed employees / results-oriented culture 1. An extensive training program was made available to all PZU and PZU Życie employees (PLUS). It focuses on the development of key competencies of employees. Construction of a system for offering training courses tailored to the needs of the employees started in the second quarter of 2013. 
2. Actions were taken to strengthen the image of the PZU Group as a reliable employer among employees, students and professionals. Another cycle of internships and traineeships was launched at the PZU Group as a part of the activities aimed at strengthening the position of the PZU Group as the preferred employer. 
3. PZU Sport Team was launched for employees to play sports together.
4. A survey of PZU Group employee commitment was held (87.0% of the employees submitted responses during the survey).
Branding: PZU is a modern, customer-oriented firm. 1. PZU has the largest network of branch offices in Poland (412 PZU Branches).
2. The PZU Group focuses on its customers in all its activities and aims to build an image that is consistent with the positioning of the PZU brand, “you can count on us”.
3. In 2013, the PZU brand was valued at more than PLN 2.3 bn (the fourth most valuable Polish brand in the annual Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper ranking).