Control system applied during preparation of the financial statements

Financial statements are prepared within the PZU Finance Division including PZU Head Office (the Accounting Office) and central units operating based on applicable regulations. PZU Finance Division is supervised by a Member of the Management Board of PZU.

The elements which facilitate completing the process are the accounting principles (policy), the chart of accounts with a commentary and other detailed internal regulations approved by the Management Board of PZU specifying the key rules of recording business events in PZU and dedicated reporting systems.

Data is prepared in the source systems using formal operating and acceptance procedures which specify the competencies of individual persons.

The reporting process is controlled by appropriately qualified, skilled and experienced staff.

PZU monitors the changes in the external regulations concerning e.g. the accounting policy (procedures) and reporting requirements of insurance undertakings and carries out appropriate adaptation processes.

The accounting records are closed and financial statements are prepared in accordance with detailed schedules, including the key activities and control points with assigned liability for timely and correct completion.

The key controls during preparation of the financial statements include:

  • controls and permanent monitoring of the quality of input data, supported by the financial systems with defined rules of data correctness, in accordance with the PZU internal regulations concerning the control of correctness of the accounting data;
  • data mapping from the source systems to financial statements supporting appropriate presentation of data;
  • analytical review of financial statements by specialists to compare them with the business knowledge and business transactions;
  • formal review of the financial statements to confirm compliance with the valid legal regulations and market practice in terms of required disclosures.

PZU internal audit periodically reviews the organization and the process of preparing the financial statements.

Audit Committee

In accordance with the Articles of Association of PZU, the Supervisory Board of PZU appoints an Audit Committee composed of three members, with at least one of them qualified in accounting or auditing as understood by the Act on statutory auditors. The Audit Committee is an advisory and consultative body to the Supervisory Board of PZU and is appointed to improve the effectiveness of the supervision of the correctness of financial reporting of PZU, effectiveness of internal control, including internal audit and risk management, exercised by the Supervisory Board of PZU.

A certified auditor appointed by the Supervisory Board of PZU based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee reviews interim separate and consolidated financial statements of PZU and audits its annual separate and consolidated financial statements.

Activities within the consolidated financial reporting are coordinated through the organizational structure of the Finance Division in the PZU and PZU Życie Head Offices which is shared, i.e. organized based on a personal union and with persons important for financial reporting of the majority of consolidated entities with their registered office in Poland, employed for a FTE fraction. PZU controls all the consolidated subsidiaries through Management Boards and Supervisory Boards of the companies.

Consolidated financial reporting is governed by a number of internal regulations concerning the accounting principles (policy) adopted by the PZU Group and applied accounting standards, as well as detailed schedules including the key activities and control points with assigned liability for timely and correct completion.