Corporate governance principles applied by PZU

From the time of admitting the Company’s shares to be traded on a regulated market, PZU has followed the corporate governance rules laid down in the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies.

This document was accepted by the WSE Supervisory Board on 4 July 2007 and has undergone several modifications since then. The Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies are available on the website devoted to corporate governance of WSE-listed entities ( and on the Company's website ( in the section dedicated to PZU’s shareholders – Investor Relations.

Code of Good Insurance Practices adopted on 8 June 2009 by the General Meeting of the Polish Chamber of Insurance (“PIU”), an organization associating insurance companies operating in the Polish market is another document determining the manner of business operations and of developing relations with stakeholders. The document is available here.

Further, stakeholder relations are based on our internal PZU Code of Good Practices. The document is available here.