The Supervisory Board exercises constant supervision over the company’s activities in all aspects of its business.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the powers of the Supervisory Board include:

  • review of the Management report on the activities of the Company and financial statements for the previous financial year in terms of their compliance with the accounting records, documents and facts;
  • review of the motions of the Management Board concerning profit distribution or loss coverage;
  • presenting the General Shareholder Meeting with a written report on the results of the review described above and submitting a brief annual assessment of the situation of the Company including internal controls and key risk management and an annual report on the work of the Supervisory Board;
  • concluding, terminating and amending the agreements with members of the Management Board and setting the terms and conditions of remuneration and the amount of remuneration;
  • appointing, suspending and dismissing the CEO, members of the Management Board or the entire Management Board, as well as making decision to stop the suspension;
  • agreeing to transfer the entire or portion of the insurance portfolio;
  • accepting motions of the Management Board concerning acquisition, assumption or disposal of shares in companies, as well as the Company’s participation in other entities - the Supervisory Board may specify the amount, terms and conditions and the way in which the Management Board may carry out the activities without the acceptance of the Supervisory Board;
  • delegating members of the Supervisory Board to temporarily perform the functions of members of the Management Board who have been dismissed, resigned or cannot perform their functions for other reasons;
  • accepting instructions concerning votes being cast by the Company’s representatives during shareholder meetings of PZU Życie concerning:
    an increase and decrease in the share capital, bonds issue, disposal and lease of a PZU Życie enterprise or establishment of a usufruct right, division of PZU Życie, combination of PZU Życie with a different company, liquidation or termination of PZU Życie;
  • selection of the entity authorized to audit the financial statements which will audit the annual financial statements of the Company;
  • wording of the consolidated amended Articles of Association;
  • approval of the long-term plans for the development of the Company and annual financial plans drafted by the Management Board;
  • approval of the regulations of the Management Board;
  • examination and evaluation of issues submitted by the Management Board for discussion during the General Shareholder Meeting.

Moreover, the Supervisory Board grants consent to:

  • acquisition or disposal of a real property, perpetual usufruct or share in the real property or in perpetual usufruct exceeding the equivalent of EUR 3 million;
  • conclusion of a material agreement as understood by the Ordinance on current and periodic information by the Company and its related party, excluding standard agreements concluded by the Company on an arm’s length basis as part of its operating activities (consent will be required on the date of the first listing on WSE);
  • conclusion of the agreement with the underwriter referred to in Article 433.3 of the Code of commercial companies;
  • advance payment against expected dividend;
  • creation and closing of regional and foreign branches.