Client relations

PZU aims at achieving top service standards and providing its clients with insurance protection adequate to their varying needs. The Company respects principles included in Code of Good Insurance Practices introduced by the Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU).

In order to ensure appropriate terms of cooperation with clients and make them feel secure, PZU analyses their needs using a variety of tools to include:

  • client satisfaction survey. The Company performs regular surveys of client’s satisfaction and loyalty. In 2013, 50,000 clients were surveyed, participating in one of the key processes including: sales of new policies, loss handling, post-sale support and policy renewal. Among others, client satisfaction with loss handling has been surveyed on a monthly basis. In 2013, the satisfaction ratio of loss handling clients was 91% (the survey included a sample of approx. 20,000 people). The Mystery Shopper method was also used to assess the work of branches, and client satisfaction with the contact center was tested. The research carried out in PZU allows not only determining clients' needs but also identifying areas for improvement and organizational strengths.
  • communication with clients. PZU has established an exceptional advisory body, the Client Council. It includes ten clients appointed for a single-year term of office. They provide opinions regarding selected initiatives of the firm, regarding among others: service quality, manners of communicating with clients, service processes, marketing materials, social actions. Along with the Client Council, posts in social media and at You Tube are used to learn clients' views. Complaints are also an important source of information. Bearing in mind sensitivity of communication with unsatisfied clients, new, more client-friendly principles of complaint handling have been adopted.
  • education activities. The Company sponsors a number of educational initiatives, including: Akcjonariat Obywatelski, Akademia Liderów Rynku Kapitałowego and Droga na Harvard.

PZU takes utmost care for safety of entrusted and processed data. Therefore, Personal Data Protection Act is rigorously observed, allowing processing of data only if approved by its owner. As a data administrator PZU strictly controls which personal data are introduced, when and by whom, and to whom they are transferred. We also take special care for protecting of interests of individuals, in particular processing of data in accordance with the law, collect them for determined, legal purposes and refraining from further processing if not compliant with these purposes.

Availability of PZU services is another important advantage recognized by clients. Most outlets are located in towns up to 15 thousand of inhabitants and materially contribute to their growth.

PZU cares for appropriate relations with its suppliers and expects them to respect all valid regulations pertaining to their scope of operations. In particular, we focus on ensuring appropriate cooperation with agents, providing them with support programs, training (e.g. Akademia Agenta) and a new internal communication portal. Candidates for agents are trained as well. In 2013, 384 training sessions were held of r 7.5 thousand people.