Corporate social responsibility PZU

As a socially responsible financial institution, PZU includes a broad range of ethical, social and environmental issues in its business operations.

The top standards adopted by the PZU Group with regard to CSR are confirmed by its presence in RESPECT Index of socially responsible companies (of Warsaw Stock Exchange)and CEERIUS sustainable development index (CEE Responsible Investment Universe). CEERIUS is an index of Wiener Börse for Central and Eastern European (CEE) companies.

In 2013, PZU published its sustainable development report entitled PZU 2.0 We are changing for good, including actions and performance on social responsibility of PZU and PZU Życie for 2011-2012. The report was prepared on B+ level based on GRI G3 guidance using the supplement for the finance industry.

CSR activities support achievement of business objectives of PZU and include mostly the following areas:

  • client relations: ethics in cooperation as the basis of client relations; top service standards;
  • social actions, including care for financial awareness and complex security;
  • employee relations: building performance-oriented organizational culture;
  • environmental impact, in particular including employee education.

Ethics, regarding the firm as a whole and individual employees, is the foundation of all activities performed by PZU and the prerequisite of sustainable development. Both formal documents (Good Practices in PZU, New Security Policy) and values adopted by the Group are the benchmark for all ethical issues. Three key values of PZU:

  • wisdom;
  • simplicity;
  • imagination.