Employee involvement

Our employees acting upon corporate values and PZU brand including wisdom, simplicity and imagination is of special importance for us.

The Group has a written set of values and ethical principles called Good Practices in PZU. It has been assumed that each employee is a PZU brand ambassador and should be a role model, promoting ethical standards and compliance with norms that underlie the Company’s reputation. Among others, the document states that in PZU relations are based on equal opportunities. In all processes, in particular in recruitment, evaluation of personal performance, promotion, professional development and participation in training, employees are offered equal opportunities regardless of their sex, age, efficiency, nationality, religion, political views, union membership, gender and type of employment (permanent or temporary, FTE or less).

In 2013, PZU signed the Diversity Chart joining the group of companies that support and promote equal treatment of employees. This is an international initiative promoted by the European Commission and coordinated in Poland by Responsible Business Forum. By signing the Chart, PZU committed to equal treatment of its employees, diversity management, as well as active prevention of discrimination and mobbing at work.

Regular employee involvement surveys taken by external entities and a number of initiatives, e.g. Employee Days are aimed at preventing discrimination in the firm’s structures. The Employee Days are direct meetings of employees with HR Division aimed among others at collecting views regarding changes implemented in the organization. In 2013, they were organized in over 30 PZU entities employing nearly 8,000 people. Respect for an individual is also demonstrated in the form of fair, non-discriminating remuneration. We want our employees to be paid on a level comparable to other entities operating in the industry. The issue of remuneration and additional benefits is presented in the section entitled Organization, Infrastructure and Human Resources under Staff Management.

Open communication with employees is among the key objectives of our HR policy. The Whistleblowing System provides a communication path between PZU and its employees and other cooperating entities, e.g. agents. Gaining direct information from all structural levels, we allow employees, agents and other stakeholders sharing their opinions on the functioning of our organization. The dialogue with the employees has also the form of Employee Council activities, confidential surveys allowing feedback to a superior and the Intranet platform PZU24.