Ethics in action

Both formal documents (Good Practices in PZU, New Security Policy) and corporate values adopted by the Group are the benchmark for all ethical issues.

The purpose of measures we undertake is to make all employees aware of the valid procedures and desirable attitudes regarding ethics and corporate governance. Therefore, e-learning courses on Good Practices in PZU and compliance have been included in the obligatory training module for all new hires.

PZU’s best practices

The document emphasizes the role of ethical standards applicable to all aspects of PZU operations and describes the best business practices. It promotes the culture of compliance with the law, ethical standards and responsibility for decisions taken. The set of values and principles is binding for all PZU employees and all external entities acting on behalf of PZU, e.g. agents, consultants, intermediates, and independent sub-contractors.

Each employee is obliged to follow the document and submit comments regarding its contents. Only such procedures allow maintaining suitably high ethical standards in the organization and ensuring appropriate quality of its operations.

PZU has developed additional regulations for members of its management and supervisory boards in the form of a document entitled Ethical principles.

Safety is another pillar supporting the trust in PZU. Safety regulations are included in the adopted documents, including Information Security Policy for PZU SA / PZU Życie SA and in Fraud Preventing Policy for PZU SA /PZU Życie SA.

The first paper regulates all key issues regarding protection of information, i.e. all data of business or legal value for PZU, e.g. personal data, insurance secrecy.

The other determines behavior that is not tolerated in PZU, and that should be treated as fraud, identifies procedures for employees to follow if a fraud is detected, and most of all, things to do to prevent fraud. Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Funding Policy for PZU Życie SA is an appendix to the Anti-Fraud Policy.


In 2011-2013, training and information campaigns were carried out regarding security, insurance fraud and corruption prevention.

Any doubts, suggestions and irregularities may be reported on the phone, via mail, fax or during meetings with Compliance Coordinator, or to a special e-mail address (

Ethics and transparency in external communications

We care for ethics and transparency in each stage of preparing and launching products available in our offer. The adopted Procedure of Developing, Modifying and Implementing of Insurance Products focuses on monitoring of the abusive clause records and continuous review of template agreements, as well as on compliance with recommendations of FSA, Office for Competition and Consumer Protection and Insured’s Spokesman.

A project regarding improvement of marketing communications initiated in 2012 is a unique initiative, not only in the financial industry.