CV - Barbara Smalska

Barbara Smalska

Barbara Smalska studied particle physics and holds a PhD of Warsaw University, the Physics Department and the Institute of Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg. In the years 2002-2008 she worked at the Warsaw office of the The Boston Consulting Group. As a strategic advisor to top Polish banks, insurance and telecommunication companies she specialized in business strategies, operational models, distribution strategy, organization and activation of the sales network – in particular in the consumer and SME sectors. She joined the PZU Group in 2008 and worked as a Director of the Product Management Office, Managing Director in charge of Mass Client Sector and Managing Director in charge of Marketing and Individual Products. She joined the Management Board of PZU Życie on 1 February 2013. On 5 February 2013 she was appointed a Director of the PZU Group and held the position until 14 March 2013. Since 15 March 2013, Management Board Member in PZU in charge of mass insurance, product management, CRM and marketing.