In 2013 the PZU Group collected gross premiums of PLN 16,480.0 m, i.e. 1.5% more than in 2012. They comprised mainly:

  • regularly paid life insurance premiums. They had a 41.9% share of the total gross written premium (i.e. 0.2 p.p. more than in 2012). They comprised mainly group insurance revenues;
  • TPL motor insurance. This comprised 17.2% of the Group’s insurance portfolio (18.2% in the prior year). In 2013, its value was 4.5% lower than in the prior year. This was the effect of a decline in policy prices as a result of increased competition on the market and lower car sales;
  • motor own damage insurance. This type of insurance had a 12.3% share of the Group’s total gross written premium (i.e. 0.9 p.p. less than in the prior year);
  • fire and non-life insurance – this type of insurance represented 11.5% of total premiums. Its value increased by 5.1% compared with the prior year. The value of agricultural insurance increased primarily as a result of the increase in sums insured in obligatory farm building insurance;
  • premiums from life insurance with a single premium. The written premium from this represented 5.1% of the Group’s total premiums (compared with 4.2% in 2012). The main increase was noted in premiums on unit-linked and structured products;
  • accident insurance (NNW) and other types of cover. Their share amounted to 5.0%, namely a decline of 0.4 p.p. compared with 2012. In this insurance category, primarily the value of patient cover in respect of medical events dropped. In the first half of 2012, medical establishments were obliged to conclude insurance contracts for patients in covering medical events. Because of the changes in legislation, this obligation was deferred to 2016.

Structure of gross written premium at PZU Group (in %)