3.10 Investment property

Investment property is measured at fair value as at the end of the reporting period. Gains and losses resulting from changes in the fair value of investment property are recognized in profit or loss under “Net change in the fair value of assets and liabilities measured at fair value” in the period when they occurred.

Buildings and structures and land and right of perpetual usufruct of land, partially used for internal purposes and partially leased out are classified as follows:

  • part of the facility which as at the balance sheet date is not used for internal purposes is classified as investment property and the remaining part of the facility - as property used for internal purposes;
  • the value of property classified as investment property or to property used for internal purposes is determined in accordance with the area;
  • if in the case of a property partly used for internal purposes and partly leased, the leased space is not more than 10% of the total space, the entire facility is classified as property used for internal purposes.

The above division of property applies when the parts may be separately sold or leased.

If real property is used for internal purposes, it is classified as investment property and disclosed at fair value. Depreciation charges are applied until the reclassification date, whereas the difference between the carrying amount and the fair value determined as at that date is recognized in other comprehensive income.