Factors affecting non-life insurance sector in 2014

Apart from events of a catastrophic nature (such as floods, drought and spring frost), the main factors which can affect the situation of the non-life insurance sector in 2014, include:

  • The expected economic recovery in Poland. The better financial standing of households can lead to an increase in sales of motor policies (as a result of higher new car sales), higher sales of mortgage loans and the related borrower insurance, as well as an increased demand for other non-life insurance. Additionally, the improvement in the financial standing of businesses can result in a decline in credit risk and a reduction in the level of claims in the financial insurance portfolio.
  • The reduction in the development of mortgage loan campaigns as a result of the stricter requirements of Recommendation S on good practices regarding the management of credit exposures collateralized with mortgages and the small scope of the Mieszkanie dla Młodych [Flat for the Young] Program.
  • Price pressure from the competition arising from a decline in the level of motor insurance claims in 2013.