Recruitment, training and building an image of the preferred employer

Work at the PZU Group is related to stability of employment and, simultaneously, to substantial development opportunities within the Company.

PZU employees receive an annual development plan. The following have been introduced to support employees in improving their skills, which are required at the given work post:

  • PLUS Training program. Training is selected for the employee on the basis of his DNA appraisal, which has the objective of developing the areas which constitute his weaknesses. Every program contains a dozen or so training modules, which develop all the new skills implemented in the organization, such as, for instance, team management, personal effectiveness and building customer relationships.
  • Leader 2.0 program, the aim of which is to strengthen key managers at PZU in the role of all-round leaders. 300 managers participate in it.
  • Classroom training packages, such as management challenges, the Manager’s CV and coaching.
  • Other forms of training: postgraduate studies and specialized forms of professional development, language courses and MBA programs.

Every employee benefited from an average of 30 hours of classroom training and 16 hours of e-learning in 2013.

In addition, two projects were inaugurated as a part of the development of the new organizational culture:

  • TOP 30, which involves the selection of 30 Change Leaders. Its objective is to develop initiatives to raise the commitment of employees in 5 areas: People – the most important resource of PZU, We pay for results, Develop together with PZU, The Customer comes first and Ambassadors of PZU.
  • Champions’ breakfasts. These are informal morning meetings during which employees who submit interesting questions or issues have the opportunity to discuss them with the CEO – the host of the meeting.

In addition to salaries, employees have additional benefits, such as the P Plus and Pełnia Życia [Fullness of Life] Group Employee Insurance, an Employee Pension Program, Health Insurance – Medical Insurance, Drug Insurance and discounts on insurance offered by PZU.

In terms of employer branding, a number of activities dedicated to students were conducted. The Wiedzą pisane [Written with knowledge] competition, participation in job fairs and PZU Ambassador program are just some of the examples of activities addressed to students. A new, centralized program of internships and traineeships dedicated to third year and higher students, as well as young graduates, started in 2013. Within this program, three-month traineeships, six-month internships and nine-month internships are organized for talents, the so-called High Potentials. In 2012, the program enabled more than 100 people to work for the PZU Group. More than 60% of them remained with the Company for longer. Internships start every year at two times: June and October.

PZU also has mechanisms for entry into and exit from the organization. The assumption to the process of introducing a new employee is to build commitment and loyalty in an atmosphere of openness and cooperation. However, anyone parting with the organization by mutual consent is asked for his opinion on working for PZU and the reasons why he decided to change employer.