Salary policy

Employee appraisals, for which the assumptions were prepared in 2012, were conducted for the first time at PZU in 2013. Their objective was primarily to promote appropriate attitudes among the employees based on cooperation, knowledge sharing and feedback. The PZU employee DNA and PZU Leader DNA, which were created in 2012, were used in this appraisal.

Within the process of valuing all positions, which started in 2012, the process of writing up and valuing positions was completed in 2013 and an analysis was conducted of salary practices applied at the individual companies with respect to the market. The last stage of the project, i.e. the implementation of its results is planned for the first half of 2014. They will be used in the salary system, which will take into account the competencies, skills required for a given position and market standards.

The WOW (Wynik – Ocena – Wartości [Performance – Assessment – Values]) appraisal system has been in force at PZU since 2012. Its objective is to improve the efficiency of the whole organization, in accordance with the slogan We Reward Results. WOW is a bonus system based on the assessment of the extent to which objectives are achieved, consisting of the employee’s annual appraisal and the annual development plan.