In 2013, the PZU Group conducted six advertising campaigns with broad coverage, which primarily had the objective of strengthening the image of PZU as a modern and trustworthy company. These were:

  • a campaign on motor own damage insurance, the objective of which is to inform customers that insurance in the formula of all risks give them peace of mind and certainty, even in unexpected situations;
  • a campaign addressed to students and graduates Praca przez duże P [Job with a capital J]. Its objective was to strengthen PZU’s image as an attractive and desirable employer;
  • the Strongly helpful Agents campaign. Its objective was to inform customers that the agents are trustworthy and can be relied upon;
  • the Claims handling without obstacles campaign. It demonstrated problem-free claims handling and particularly helpful experts and loss adjusters;
  • the Even the best will do anything to work for PZU campaign, which had the objective of positioning the PZU Group as a desirable employer;
  • the PZU Christmas Reindeer Campaign. A reindeer giving out presents reminded viewers that, whatever happens, customers can always rely on PZU. At the same time, some advertisements informed viewers that PZU and its employees support the Szlachetna Paczka [Noble Pack] project.

The PZU Group conducted an indicator campaign throughout the whole of 2013, the objective of which was to promote the most attractive products / services from various business areas and the resulting customer benefits. It was simultaneously building PZU’s image (It is a modern company; It is a customer-friendly company; It is the company for me; It is a trustworthy company). Animated advertising slogans also had the purpose of strongly reinforcing PZU’s corporate identity. This campaign gave PZU a continuous presence on television.

In addition, in September, PZU was the titled sponsor of the 35th PZU Warsaw Marathon. This information appeared in the Internet, the press, the OOH channel (digital communications channel addressed to customers located away from home), radio and television.

An important element of the marketing support of sales conducted by agents was the regular communication in the form of a newsletter dedicated to them and the development of standards of exposure for promotional materials (leaflets, posters, shop window stickers, etc.).