Sales and service channels

The PZU Group has the largest network of sales and service branches of all Polish insurers. The organization of the PZU sales network has the objective of guaranteeing sales effectiveness, while simultaneously assuring a high quality of services provided.

At the end of 2013, the PZU Group distribution network included:

  • exclusive agents – PZU’s own agency network consisted of 8,354 exclusive agents at the end of 2013. The agency channel conducts sales of mainly all types of insurance, especially motor and non-life insurance and individual insurance (life insurance);
  • multiagencies – 2,178 multiagencies working with several insurance companies make sales mainly to the mass market (insurance of all types is sold through this channel, especially motor insurance and non-life insurance, as well as individual life insurance);
  • insurance brokers – PZU, in particular the Corporate Customer Division, worked with approximately 885 insurance brokers;
  • PZU employees – approximately 800 PZU employees sold insurance at their own branch offices (primarily to corporate and group customers);
  • bancassurance and Strategic Partnership Programs – in 2013, the PZU Group worked with 9 banks and 4 strategic partners with large customer databases or partners supporting mass payments, including telecommunications companies and airlines. Sales of non-life insurance through this channel mainly applies to insurance connected to a banking product or the strategic partner’s basic service;
  • direct – PZU sells products to individual customers by telephone and over the Internet.

PZU’s customers can file claims:

  • the Internet – the E-likwidacja [E-claims handling] system;
  • by telephone via the hotline;
  • personally at a selected Branch or garage belonging to the PZU Repair Network;
  • in writing (sent by post, e-mail or fax).

The claims handling process is conducted at 8 Regional Claims Centers located throughout the country and at the central unit – the Operational Centre for Claims and Benefits. Since the process is based mainly on electronic information and there is no connection of the servicing with the place of residence of the insured / event, the model of an equal workload of individual claims handling units has been implemented.

Furthermore, PZU is continuously expanding its cooperation with repair networks – at the end of 2013, the number had increased to 1,398 from 1,363 in 2011.

Claims handling, for customers, is the moment of truth in their contact with their insurer. Satisfying their expectations in the claims handling process is the key to building ties with PZU. Therefore, extensive work was conducted in 2013 to streamline and shorten this process.

The quality of the claims handling process at PZU is very highly assessed by customers – according to PZU’s survey on a sample of more than 20 thousand customers, the satisfaction index in 2013 was 91%. In turn, among the customers who experienced the claims handling process or the process of paying benefits, the NPS (Net Promoter Score) recommendation index, which is the difference between the proportion of promoters and critics participating in the survey, was as high as 29% while 50% of consumers surveyed indicated that they are active promoters of PZU.