IT and operations

In 2012, PZU made a strategic decision to implement a new IT system for non-life products. Because of the importance of this project to the functioning of the organization, this project was given the name Everest.

The implementation of the new IT system will enable the transformation of PZU and will improve the conditions for the proper management of customer relationships. By automating many processes, the new system will be an online tool for the sales person and the support employee. It will allow for easy changes to be made to the product offering and will support PZU in dealings with customers through various servicing channels. The integration of the new system with other applications, namely claims handling, data warehouse, internal management and document flow, will create the conditions for fully exploiting the capabilities of the new solution.

In accordance with the accepted schedule, a pilot implementation of the new system was launched on 18 November 2013. The Everest system pilot program was conducted in two stages. Within the so-called small pilot program, PZU made Everest available to approximately 70 exclusive agents and 30 PZU employees from Lublin. During the “large pilot program” conducted from 13 January until the end of February 2014, Everest was made available to all of PZU’s exclusive agents and sales branches in the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie network. The pilot program served the purpose of verifying the operation of new processes and the correctness of the plan to deploy the new system throughout the country, and preparing the users. The “large pilot program” also gave the opportunity to monitor and analyze the business indicators.

The implementation of the Everest platform has been divided into three phases. Such organization of the project will enable the business benefits to be achieved quickly with the simultaneous minimization of implementation risk. PZU will introduce motor, home and some property products into the system (for 11.5 thousand end users) by the end of 2014. The other products offered to the mass market and SMEs, will be activated from the beginning of 2015 (a further 10 thousand end users). PZU plans to make products for corporate customers available in Everest in 2016.

Full implementation of the new policy system is planned by the middle of 2016.

A number of activities supporting important business initiatives and optimizing the technical infrastructure and processes were conducted in 2013, in particular:

  • the implementation of the system supporting the new model of human capital management at the PZU Group was completed;
  • work continued on improving the IT tools in the areas of fund and asset management;
  • a project of consolidating the IT infrastructure with regard to disk resources was completed, gaining the ability to effectively use them within the PZU Group;
  • work started on the strategy in the area of the technical infrastructure, the implementation of which will help optimize the costs of the IT infrastructure;
  • significant cost savings were achieved through the optimization of the wide area networks (WANs);
  • measurement of performance, effectiveness of processes and IT spending on the basis of the cost allocation model was improved;
  • implementation of an ERP system which is common to PZU and PZU Życie was completed – since January 2013, further processes have been implemented in the area of insurance bookkeeping for PZU and PZU Życie;
  • critical systems and business applications at the PZU Group were included in the monitoring, which enabled the elimination of the risk of long-term failure and the simultaneous reduction in downtime of critical systems.

A major step was also taken with regard to the unification of IT in the PZU Group, standardizing supervision, the structure and management of IT in all PZU Group companies.