PZU socially responsible

Corporate Social Responsibility – at the level of the firm and every employee – is the foundation of all of PZU’s activities and a prerequisite for sustainable development. The CSR activities undertaken in support of the business objectives apply to the following areas:

Customer relations – ethics in cooperation as the basis of customer relations, high standards of service;

Activities for the community and hence concern for financial awareness and comprehensive safety;

Employee relations – building of a performance-oriented organizational structure;

Environmental impact, especially in terms of educating employees in this area.Employee relations – building of a performance-oriented organizational structure;

PZU’s presence in the RESPECT Index of socially responsible companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and in the CEERIUS (CEE Responsible Investment Universe) sustainable development index on the Vienna Stock Exchange confirms that the PZU Group espouses the highest standards of CSR.

Both PZU and PZU Życie have had a Standard&Poor’s rating at the “A” level since 2009. This is the one of the highest possible ratings awarded to companies in Poland.