PZU – strong customer orientation

The PZU Group’s products accompany individual customers at every stage of life and Polish firms at every stage of development. The PZU Group provides comprehensive insurance cover in all major areas of private, public and business life and it also offers various forms of savings, including the accumulation of funds for an additional pension.

The PZU Group is an innovator on the Polish financial market. It was the first institution in Poland to create a Voluntary Pension Fund and offer Individual Pension Security Accounts. It is a precursor in the development of health insurance and was the first to launch drug insurance on the Polish market. It is also actively working toward developing voluntary health insurance.

PZU’s customers have access to the largest sales and service system among Polish insurers. It includes 412 branches, 8.4 thousand agents and electronic distribution channels (helpline, Internet). The PZU Group also has an efficient claims handling system. It is also implementing a modern IT system, with a view to building closer relationships with its many millions of customers.

PZU aims to maintain the highest standards of service. Extensive satisfaction surveys have shown that 91% of customers are satisfied with the claims handling process. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) among customers who have experienced the claims handling process or have received a benefit payment, is 29%. As many as 50% of customers have indicated that they are active promoters of PZU.

Protection of property and securing third party property against damageAccident coverGrowing savingsSecuring the family’s futurePreparations for retirement
TPL and  motor own damage insurance Accident insurance Structured products Group and individually continued protection insurance Pillar II of the pension system – open-ended pension funds
Financial insurance Health insurance Participation units in mutual funds and unit linked funds Individual protection insurance Pillar III of the pension system (employment pension products – EPP, individual pension accounts – IKE and individual pension security accounts – IKZE)